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Plastic Granulator Extrusion Defect Control Elements?

Jan. 02, 2020

The profile shape of the unusual profile is much more complicated than that of the pipe, and it has hollow, solid, plate and other cross-sections, so the extrusion process is also more demanding. Heavy Duty Granulator Suppliers share with you the factors that affect product defects as follows.

Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

(1) The raw material formula of the feed part, the raw material count, the quality of the granule or powder, the raw material feeding ability, the dehumidification effect, the cooling effect of the hopper seat, and the cooling channel of the hopper seat.

(2) Screw structure of the extrusion part, screw diameter ratio, compression ratio, screw speed, screw temperature control, barrel heating and cooling, temperature of each section, distance between perforated plate and die air feeding, plastic granulation Main machine current, temperature control instrument and sensor, head melt pressure.

(3) Mold part mold structure type, runner size, die shaping section length, die cross section dimensions, die clearance, compression ratio, template contact surface accuracy, die-to-head interface method, fastening media bolt size And the most, positioning pin accuracy, temperature control system.

(4) Vacuum pipes, cooling water pipes, vacuum pumps, water pumps, water circulation cooling systems, cross-section dimensions, lengths and number of molds, number of vacuum holes for molds, diameters of cooling channels for cooling molds, cooling uniformity, vacuum degree , Opening and closing performance of the mold, the same sleeve cavity of the mold, the vacuum of the cooling water tank, the length of the cooling water tank, the installation accuracy of the molding block in the cooling water tank, a sufficient number of quick-change joints, the cooling water flow, the cooling effect of the product, the setting table Motion accuracy.

(5) Traction speed and adjustment, traction force, clamping force, type of crawler tractor, quality of clamping block, shape of special clamping block, lateral swing control of special profile, tension control system.

(6) Cutting method of cutting machine, automatic resetting of cutting, sawtooth shape and material, cutting stroke adjustment of saw, pneumatic system, dust collection system, fixed-length instruction receiving system.

(7) Fixed-length instruction for turning frame and stacking frame (car), length of turning frame, pneumatic system, counting system, turning angle.

Now Plastic Granulator usually uses electric heating, which is divided into resistance heating and induction heating. The heating sheet is installed in the body, neck and head of the machine. The heating device heats the plastic in the cylinder externally to increase the temperature to reach the temperature required for the process operation.

The cooling device is set to ensure that the plastic is in the temperature range required by the process. Specifically, it is to eliminate the excess heat generated by the shear friction caused by screw rotation, so as to avoid plastic decomposition, scorching, or setting difficulties due to excessive temperature. The barrel cooling is divided into two types: water cooling and air cooling. Generally, small and medium-sized extruders are more suitable for air cooling, and large-sized ones are mostly water-cooled or combined with two forms of cooling. Screw cooling is mainly used for central water cooling. To stabilize the amount of glue and improve the quality of the product; but the cooling at the hopper is to strengthen the transport of solid materials to prevent the plastic particles from sticking due to temperature rise and blocking the material mouth, and the second is to ensure the normal operation of the transmission part. Our company also has Central Granulator For Sale, welcome to consult.

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