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Five Tips For The Maintenance And Maintenance Of Dehumidifying Dryer

Sep. 03, 2018

Care and maintenance of Dehumidifying Dryer:

1. Dehumidifying and drying conveying 1-3 filters and drying filters must be cleaned once per shift.

2. When the machine is maintained and repaired, the current switch in the control box must be placed in the "OFF" position.

3. The material in the dehumidifying dryer can only be used by random molding machines (except in special cases).

4. When the conveying 2 (conveying 3) is in operation, it should be noted that the drying cylinder cutting valve is opened about half to prevent the remaining material in the conveying pipe from blocking the conveying pipe from affecting the feeding when the conveying 2 (conveying 3) is stopped.

5, the machine will produce high temperature during operation, please pay attention to prevent burns, wet hands are strictly prohibited to touch the operation panel, otherwise there will be an electric shock.

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Dehumidifying Dryer

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