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How to choose the right Plastic Shredder?

Jan. 06, 2020

How to choose the Plastic Shredder that suits you, please refer to the following seven characteristics to purchase, which are the shredding effect, the ability to shred, the speed of the shredding, the volume of the shredding box, and other characteristics. As a Plastic Shredder Manufacturer, come and share with you.

Plastic Shredder

Plastic Shredder

Paper shredding method

The shredder consists of a set of rotating blades, a paper comb and a drive motor. The paper is fed from the middle of the blades that are engaged with each other, and is divided into many small pieces of paper to achieve the purpose of confidentiality. The shredding method refers to the shape after the paper is shredded by a shredder after being processed by a shredder. According to the composition method of the paper shredder, the existing paper shredding methods include: shred, segment, foam, strip, grain, and filament. If it is a general office, choose granular, silk, segment or strip.

Paper shredding capacity

Paper shredding capacity refers to the thickness of the paper and the maximum number of papers that the shredder can handle at one time, and the amount of shredding is the throughput of the machine itself. The general paper shredder can crush 13-15 sheets at a time, and the large paper shredder can crush 60-70 sheets at a time. Generally, the better the paper shredding effect, the worse the paper shredding capacity. For example, the paper shredding capacity of a brand of paper shredder is A4, 70g, 7-9 sheets. Seven to nine sheets of 70g A4 paper. A4, 70g, 3-4 sheets can be used in ordinary offices to meet daily work needs. If it is a large office, you need to choose the appropriate format and faster shredder. Existing large paper shredders can generally reach 60-70 sheets at a time.

When shredding paper, be sure to use it according to the shredder capacity that the machine can withstand, so as not to cause abnormal paper jams and excessive motor load.

Shred effect

Paper shredding effect refers to the size of waste paper formed after the paper is processed by the shredder, generally in millimeters (mm). Grainy and foamy effects are the best, followed by crushed ones, and the relative effects of bars and segments are worse. For example, 2 * 2mm security effect can cut A4 paper into more than 1500 small pieces. Different occasions can choose shredders with different shredding effects according to actual needs. For example, 4mm * 50mm, 4mm * 30mm and other specifications can be used in homes and small offices where confidentiality is not involved. Where confidentiality is required, computer printed documents must be shredded to pieces of paper below 3.8 mm according to the minimum standards of destruction data. For highly confidential documents, a shredder capable of cutting both sides and sides should be used. It is best to choose a shredder that achieves the shredding effect of 3mm * 3mm and below.

Shred speed

The shred speed is the processing capacity of the shredder. It is generally measured by the total length of waste paper that can be processed per minute, such as 3 meters per minute, which indicates the total length of paper that can be processed per minute before it is not shredded. Of course, it is also expressed in centimeters, which is actually the same. Our company also has Single Shaft Plastic Shredder on sale, welcome to consult.

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