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Characteristics Of Vertical Color Mixer

Mar. 28, 2018

  The Vertical Color Mixer uses vortex-type high-speed operation of the input blade to make the plastic particles (or resin powder) tumbling at high speed to collide with the frictional heat, so that the materials are mixed and at the same time the moisture is quickly evaporated from the exhaust pipe to achieve the purpose of drying.

  Its characteristics:

  1, four-wheel vertical design, small size, easy to move;

  2, equipped with cycloid gear motor, low noise, durable;

  3, complete the mixing in a short time, low energy consumption, high efficiency;

  4, barrel lid, bottom of the barrel stamping molding, with accurate, more durable;

  5. 24-hour timer to control the mixer's working time and automatically stop

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Vertical Color Mixer

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