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What Is The Heavy Duty Granulator?

Nov. 24, 2018

All these Heavy Duty Granulator, are especially made for the cheap granulation on thick walled segments such as shirts and tails, balls, extruder sparks, thick walled sheeds, pipelines, etc.

According to the dimensions of structure, these Plastic Granulator can process pieces of their toughest materials of over 400 kg without any pre-crushing. As a result of specially designed rotor as well as the cutting blades structure, a normal cutting without overloading of driveway is ensured. All these Heavy-duty Granulator are also acceptable for hot melt granulation. The recycling of plastic scrap material and Refuse Components can be Completely automated by Aumax Granulators.

As a Consequence of Numerous years of Expertise , Aumax can supply you with the best info to satisfy your particular needs when intending complete plants.

Heavy Duty Granulator

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