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The Features Of Plastic Crusher

Nov. 21, 2018

Plastic Crusher of Aumax Is capable of communicating a broad range of plastic film, bags, PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, plastic shells, thin pipes and boxes, etc.

Plastic Crusher Manufacturer tell you its feature .

1. High working efficiency, less energy intake.

2. The rotating shaft angle of rotary knive is especially designed to make the most effective and silent shear angle, so crushing with steady discharging, less vibration and better power, and boost efficiently the lifetime span of the driving system and structure in precisely the exact same moment.

3. Use electric apparatus for opening the top cover and altering the sieve for labour saving, and it's safe and fast.

4. Main bearings are set up on external frame for simple upkeep, and it can not be effected by substance powder.

5. With Present over-load protection for Engine, and Security limit switch.

6. Strong construction: A3 steel plank with more depth to the human body and legs.

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Plastic Crusher

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