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The Work Principle Of Hopper Dryer

Oct. 26, 2018

The Hopper Dryer is a replacement product of the standard hot air dryer. It is based on the original function and fully considers the environmental factors and improves it. It can dry materials that are wet due to packaging, shipping or recycling.

Hopper Dryer Manufacturer tell you its principle, the drier is direct heating kind which brings warmed air to direct contact with all the raw materials. The drier consists of a cylindrical vertical body along with conical bottom. Raw material is packed into the drier through the substance supply interface, fills the entire body, and slowly falls by gravity into the discharge port at which it's discharged. Within the top section, an upper inner cone along with a upper insert cone have been set up, and within the lower area, bottom cone plus a decrease insert cone are set up. These cones uniformly disperse the hot atmosphere required for drying. The insert cone works would be to categorize the mass-flow in order to accomplish a piston-flow (a phenomenon which, at the filling mattress, the substance that is fed is normally discharged .)

Hopper Dryer

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