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Granulator Technical Characteristics and Precautions

Jun. 12, 2020

Changed the shape design of the screw, and increased the pitch of the screw between the screws. When heated, the plastic can be fully plasticized and melted in the barrel; the variable diameter type is used to technically increase the relative service life of the screw; the material is used The high strength 38CrMoAlA improves the performance of the entire machine.


The design of the barrel adopts 45# steel after fine processing and quenching treatment, which has high hardness and certain wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and a certain size slot is provided at the feed end to facilitate feeding.

Heating system

The heating system is composed of heating coils, which are distributed outside the barrel. The materials in the barrel are uniformly heated and plasticized, and controlled by the meter on the electric cabinet to form a change that automatically adjusts the set temperature.

Cooling fan

In order to achieve the stability of the temperature in the barrel, a cooling fan is added to the bottom of the barrel. The automatic temperature control automatically cools when the temperature is too high, which increases the temperature stability of the barrel.


In order to maintain the extruded plastic will not appear due to temperature reduction, insufficient fluidity, hindering extrusion. Specifically, a heating ring with a certain power is added outside the machine head to ensure the normal fullness of the discharge. And the discharge holes set on the machine head are parallel 15-hole type, which increases the discharge volume and increases the production speed. Machine head structure type parallel extruder head, the thread is connected with the barrel, which can save time and labor when replacing the screen.

Pelletizing system

The strip material is cooled by the cooling system and then enters the pelletizer for rolling and cutting into granules, which is convenient for packaging. The pelletizing machine is provided with a rolling feed wheel, which is driven by the motor to automatically transfer the material into the body, and the rolling blades inside the body are cut off.


1. Matters needing attention

1. The granulator should run in the forward direction; avoid reversing.

2. The granulator is forbidden to run empty without load, and must be heated and charged to run, so as to avoid sticking (shaft holding) phenomenon.

3. It is strictly forbidden to enter iron and other debris in the feed port and air vent of the granulator. In order to avoid unnecessary accidents and affect safe and normal production.

2. Matters needing attention in the process of granulator

1. Pay attention to the temperature change of the fuselage at any time. When you touch the sliver with clean hands without touching your hands, you should immediately heat up. It is normal until the sliver touches the hand.

2. When the bearing of the reducer is burnt, or accompanied by noise, it should be shut down for timely maintenance and refueling.

3. When the bearing parts at both ends of the main engine bearing room are hot or have noise, they should be shut down for maintenance and filled with butter. When working normally, the bearing room every 5-6 days

Fill butter once.

4. Pay attention to find out the operation rules of the machine; for example: the temperature of the machine is high and low, and the speed is fast or slow, which can be processed in time according to the situation.

3. Operation method for first boot

1. Before starting the machine, first warm up for about forty or fifty minutes. Raise the temperature until the motor V-belt is pulled freely by hand; pull it continuously for eight to ten times in the normal working direction. Then continue to heat up for about ten minutes, and then turn on the machine, but continue to heat up, because normal production needs to continue to add heat;

Adjust different temperatures according to different properties of plastics.

2. When the granulator is working normally, the temperature of the machine should be stable, and don't go up and down. Near the vent hole, the temperature of the head part should be kept at about 200 ℃ (refer to material C and material B).

3. The feeding should be uniform, and there should be no shortage of materials. The machine's feeding speed and feeding speed should be properly matched. Otherwise it will affect the quality and output of the pellets.

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