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What is the treatment method for the unstable exhaust of the plastic granulator exhaust port?

Dec. 30, 2019

As we all know, the possible reasons for the unstable exhaust during the use of the Medium-speed Granulator are blocked exhaust holes, changes in vacuum, or changes in volatile matter in the raw materials. The possible ways to improve exhaust efficiency can refer to the following methods:

Medium-speed Granulator

Medium-speed Granulator

1. Increase the barrel temperature in the first stage;

2. Increase the degree of vacuum in the exhaust hole;

3. Pre-heating raw materials;

4. Use back extraction agent.

The screw design can also greatly affect the exhaust efficiency, and the exhaust section of the multi-thread can improve the exhaust. In addition, it is important that the polymer is completely melted in the first stage of the screw. Setting a groove mixing section at the end of the first stage of the screw will help ensure complete melting.

The invention and creation of Plastic Granulator is the gospel of human beings. However, due to the interests of some unscrupulous owners, the profits brought by recycled plastics through informal and improper methods not only make the recycled plastics unqualified, but also the processing is rough There is no sterilization process. The products produced by this kind of workshop are cheap, so they are used in large quantities. So far, there is no effective method to eliminate the ban.

The plastic granulator industry has solved the problem of urban white pollution to a certain extent. Plastic is processed into recycled plastic granules by the plastic granulator and then melted into various recycled plastic products. However, some recycled plastic products are produced in illegal workshops, which cannot be discerned with the naked eye. Most of these illegal workshops recycle medical waste prohibited by the state, and some even make food packaging bags for open use in farmers' markets. Health is extremely harmful and requires personal attention.

Preheating of plastic pelletizer cable core is necessary for insulation extrusion and sheath extrusion. For the insulation layer, especially the thin layer insulation, the existence of pores cannot be allowed. The core of the wire can be completely removed from the surface by oil and oil before being extruded. For sheath extrusion, its main function is to dry the cable core to prevent the possibility of air holes in the sheath due to the action of moisture (or moisture around the cushion layer). Preheating can also prevent the residual internal pressure of the plastic from being quenched during extrusion. In the process of extruding plastic, preheating can eliminate the cold wire entering the high-temperature machine head, and the disparity in temperature formed when the die is in contact with the plastic. It can avoid the fluctuation of the extrusion pressure caused by the fluctuation of the plastic temperature. Extrusion quality. Extrusion units use electric heating core preheating devices, which require sufficient capacity and ensure rapid heating, so that the core preheating and cable core drying efficiency are high. The preheating temperature is restricted by the speed of the discharge line, which is generally similar to the temperature of the machine head. We are Medium-speed Granulator Manufacturer, welcome to consult.

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