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The Role Of Vertical Plastic Color Mixer

Dec. 21, 2018

Vertical Plastic Color Mixer are primarily utilized to combine plastics substance of master batch, raw materials and recycled materials. AMX plastic sheeting can combine different granule and electricity material entirely in a brief while. The machines are frequently utilized in plastic injection, plastic recycling and extrusion business, it likewise be utilized in business of powder metallurgy, pharmacy, chemicals, foodstuff and ceramic ware.

Plastic Mixer Machine is mainly used in various resin and PE, PP, PVC and other ingredients, mixing, coloring, drying, and engineering plastics such as ABS polycarbonate drying, devolatilization and other processes. It combines the hot mixing and cold mixing process to complete the hot mixed material automatically into the cold mix to cool it, remove the residual gas, and prevent agglomeration.

Vertical Plastic Color Mixer

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