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Precautions for The Operation of Plastic Granulator

Jul. 05, 2019

The correct operation of the Plastic Granulator helps to extend the life of the equipment. However, the use of plastic granulators does not receive enough attention in our daily life, and it also causes unnecessary problems. As a Vacuum Autoloader Supplier, we have the following recommendations:

1. Pay attention to fire safety. Fire extinguishers must be placed around the plastic granulator during the production process.

2. Do not use low-quality materials with metal impurities or sediment (it is best to add a loading iron remover to remove iron from the plastic during the feeding process). Do not place metal objects that may fall into the vicinity of the feed port. Putting it into the feeding hopper will aggravate the wear of the screw and the barrel or cause jamming and damage.

3. In case of malfunction or abnormal situation, the relevant personnel must be reported and handled by professional maintenance personnel. If any abnormality affecting safety is found, immediately press the emergency stop switch to cut off the power.

Powerful Granulator

4. Plastic Granulator should be operated in strict accordance with the requirements of the operating procedures, and must not be operated in violation of non-operational stations. To ensure the reliability of the safety device, the safety protection measures of the machine must not be destroyed in pursuit of efficiency.

5. The plastic granulator gear box should be filled with the required lubricating oil and replaced regularly.

6. Operate by an operator who is trained and familiar with the performance and operating procedures of plastic mechanical structures.

7. The production and operation of the plastic granulator does not reach the set temperature when the plastic temperature is not enough.

Proficiency in the above seven precautions can greatly reduce mechanical failure and mechanical damage caused by incorrect operation, greatly extending the service life, stability and safety of the machine. For more information on Powerful Granulator, please visit our website at https://www.aumax-plast.com/

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