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How to deal with Plastic crusher overload?

Nov. 18, 2021

The application of the new plastic crusher effectively solves the problem of crushing waste plastics, low output and poor crushing capacity.

Realize the function of water crushing, can be cleaned while crushing the materials. It solves the problem of waste plastics crushing and cleaning.

Electric power consumption has declined. The inverter motor, super-exitory, reduces the resistance of plastic shear crushing, saving electric losses.

The waste particle size is small, only 2-15 mm effectively solves the problem of the original waste plastic shear particle size,

Effective improvement of workers' labor intensity and working environment. Due to the high level of automation of the waste plastics crusher machine, it does not require manual contact materials, and the working conditions of workers have greatly improved.

The basic characteristics of the waste plastic crusher load are uneven shear loads. In the usual belt drive, the main shaft hand, the knife, the spools are cut, and the waste plastic is cut into small pieces, after filtering, enter the next One link, if the waste plastic is uneven or too much material, the screen screen is blocked, which will cause a large impact on the plastic crusher, which will cause a large impact on the motor, pulley and the drive pulley, leading to high electricity, fever, and heat. The wear of the belt and pulley is accelerated.

The waste plastic crusher will increase the increase in equipment's accessories, and will also increase the fault time of the equipment, reduce the service life of the equipment, which is broken and cleaning the waste, and the cleaning line will affect the recycling of waste plastics. Efficiency and capacity, seriously affect everyday work.

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