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How to Quickly Improve the Productivity of Plastic Crusher?

Mar. 16, 2020

As a Powerful Plastic Crusher Exporters, share with you. Due to the irrational roll surfacing process of the powerful crusher, the hardness of the roll surfacing cannot meet the production requirements, and it needs to be turned after 2-3 weeks of use. The roll skin has a short service life. The qualified roll surfacing after surfacing must be used. It has good abrasion resistance and strong toughness to ensure that the crushing roller does not break during the service process and has a long service life. At the same time, the turning on the turning device is performed in situ. The service life of the crushing roller is short. Low efficiency is a common problem in most sinter plants.

Plastic Crusher

Plastic Crusher

How long is the working efficiency of each Plastic Crusher? Due to the long-term high-load work, the roller skin of the four-roller crusher is severely worn. After the roller skin has been working for a period of time, the middle of the roller wears and sags, causing a large particle size of the pulverized coal. After a few days of abrasion and impact, the surface of the roller skin will be uneven, and the roller skin needs to be cut online. When the thickness of the roller surface is turned and worn to 30-40mm, it will be scrapped, causing a large cost burden. Therefore, In general, when the working layer of the powerful crusher is close to the limit, it is subjected to overlay welding to restore its roll skin working design diameter. Because the roll skin is very sensitive to cracking during the overlay welding process, a universal overlay welding method is used. , The roller skin is easy to crack and cause scrap.

According to the actual situation, the roll skin recovery process of the powerful crusher was improved, and the online turning tool was upgraded, which finally ensured that the roll skin could not meet the needs of production without cracking, and the roll skin was saved Cost, improved production efficiency and achieved good economic benefits.

Crusher maintenance

1. During the production process, the temperature rise of the bearing must be checked frequently. When the temperature rise exceeds 50 ° C, the machine should be stopped and checked to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

2. When the new machine is running, the transmission belt is prone to elongation. Care should be taken to adjust the proper tension of the belt to ensure the working life of the belt.

3. Frequently inspect the wearing parts and replace them in time to ensure the production quality and production volume.

4. Blades and linings should be checked for wear frequently. If the wear is reduced, the productivity will decrease, and the granularity will become coarse, and the wear will be replaced immediately.

5. The main engine and graded flow bearing are grease lubricated, using No. 2 special grease, degree 265-295.

6. The grease changing period of the bearing is 2000 hours, and the filling amount of grease is 1/2 (upper measurement) or 3/4 (lower measurement) of the space in the bearing cavity. Do not overfill the grease, otherwise it will cause bearing temperature. Too high.

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