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How to use plastic crusher correctly?

Dec. 26, 2017

How to use plastic crusher correctly


1. The plastic crusher should be installed on a cement foundation. If change the working place frequently, the plastic crusher cutting parts and motor should be installed on a metal base. The power of diesel engine must be bigger than crusher, if the plastic crusher driven by a diesel engine.


2. Check the tightness of bolts and nuts on each part of plastic crusher, tightness of belts, connection of electric power, and balance of shaft.


3. Check the condition of blades, diameter of screen mesh, damaged or not. Rotate the bely pulley by hand to check if any jam and friction of shaft and blades.


Run machine for 2~3 minutes without material, check the shaft direction is correct or not, the working sound is normal or not.


5. Pay attentions on machine condition when working, feed material evenly and uniformly to avoid jam and overload. If any vibration, cacophony happened, high temperature on bearing and machine body, too much crushed material fly out from hopper mouth, etc., please stop machine immediately and remove the faults.


6. Attention: Check the raw material and remove the stone, sand and metal parts, otherwise they will damage the blades of plastic crusher.


7. The operator or worker can’t leave away when machine is running. Do not maintain, examine and repair when machine is running. Do not put any tools or anything others on the machine and feeding hopper.


8. Do not wear gloves when feeding material! Do not put hands inside over the feeding mouth!

Do not stand dead head of the machine to avoid any injury by flying material.


9. In order to clean out the crushed material in plastic crusher, let machine work 2~3 minutes without feeding material before stop plastic crusher.


10. The blades and screen mesh of plastic crusher is easy-wear parts. It should be sharpened or changed regularly.


11. Please change bearings and oil of machine after each 300 hours working. Dismount the belts if machine stop for a long time.

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