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How To Maintain Plastic Color Mixer?

Jul. 30, 2018

The main function of the plastic color mixing machine is to mix the color of the plastic, which can make the material mix and color and let the moisture reach the drying effect. Therefore, the plastic color mixing machine also has the industrial importance. Now let's teach you how to maintain the plastic color mixing machine.

1. Check; to maintain the machine, check this step can not be skipped and ignored, the machine should be checked regularly to eliminate the bad points, and the problem is solved immediately.

2, cleaning; every time you use the machine or when the machine is finished, you should take out the remaining logistics in the plastic color mixing machine, and then clean the residual pigment in the various parts of the machine, remember to clean the machine must be closed Turn off the power to avoid a safety accident.

3, placed; the machine must be disassembled and cautious, light hands and feet, pay attention to prevent the deformation of the mixing paddle in the plastic color mixing machine or even damage.

4. Familiarity; managers or employees must be familiar with the operation of the plastic color mixing machine, internal structure, control structure, etc., to prevent damage to the machine caused by improper operation, and serious damage to health.

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