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What is the classification of Plastic Granulator hob?

Jan. 18, 2020

There are many types of Plastic Granulator. We commonly have waste plastic granulators and plastic recycling machines. Waste plastic recycling machine, automatic water feeder, pearl cotton bag plastic granulator, etc., these are not far from our lives. With the wide application of the plastic industry, more and more friends are targeting the market of plastic granulators. The friends who must think about investing in the plastics industry must be curious to know how to choose a plastic granulator suitable for them. What factors need to be considered? At present, there are all kinds of plastic machinery on the markets around the world, and the prices are also very different! As a Central Plastic Granulator, share with you.

Gear hob The milling cutter for externally meshing spur and helical cylindrical gears is more commonly used. During processing, the hob is like two helical gears with a large helical blade angle. The number of teeth is the number of the hob. The workpiece is like another helical gear. A pair of helical gears are set up for space meshing to fix. The disk angle tooth compensator consists of a ball screw with a small gear enveloped by a reamer drill ball screw with adjacent positions ranging from large to milled. Most of the commonly used hobs are single-head (see thread). In mass production, the key is that high precision and smoothness are often applicable to knocking hobs. A single-head hob makes one revolution, and the pinion rotates two teeth around its own positioning axis. When the knocking hob makes one revolution, the number of teeth that the pinion rotates is equal to the number of hob heads.

Heavier-duty Granulator

Heavier-duty Granulator

The hob of the worm gear hob is often cast into a straight chip flute when the rising angle of the spiral blade is less than 5 °, which is convenient for manufacturers and sharpening blades. The disadvantage of milling one side of a hole drill with a large negative rake angle (see milling cutter). Small and medium modulus gear hobs made of 65 manganese steel are generally suitable for overall structural design. For hobs with a gear center distance of more than 10 mm, the key lies in saving 65 manganese steel, avoiding forging difficulties and improving the metallographic structure. Often, the design of the insert structure is applicable.

The structure design of the insert hob has many forms. The structure design of the ball screw is more commonly used, that is, the cutter teeth are made of 65 manganese steel into a ball screw shape. After quenching and tempering, the bolt is locked on the knife body. With a diamond drill manufacturer hob, can the correlation be very high and the cutting efficiency and tooth cutting efficiency. Integral diamond drill hobs have been used to make many small-modulus gears in table clocks and instrument manufacturers. Extremely high gear center distance monolithic and panel diamond drill hobs have been used to make alloy steel and bakelite pinions. Diamond bit hobs with a gear center distance of less than 3 mm are also used to make steel pinions. Our company also sells Heavier-duty Granulator, welcome to consult.

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