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The Development Trend Of Plastic Granulator 1

Dec. 10, 2018

Recently, the second batch of environmental protection inspectors started the “review”, and the “review” will always adhere to the problem orientation. The key inspectors will review the implementation of the first round of the central environmental protection inspector rectification plan reviewed by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Inspectors have failed to rectify, even surface rectification, pretend rectification, perfunctory rectification, and "one size fits all" and other issues in the field of ecological environmental protection. With the deepening of environmental inspections, the domestic environment will be improved, but this will also impact the development of the recycled plastics industry and Plastic Granulator.

As a policy-led industry, the recycled plastics market is closely related to environmental protection policies. With the intensification of domestic environmental protection efforts, most of the domestic small and medium-sized production enterprises have been banned, and the recycled plastics manufacturers have dropped significantly. Especially in the off-season, the environmental protection “review” will have a great impact on the market operating rate. As a major equipment in the recycled plastics industry, what kind of development trend will the Central Granulator have?

First of all, the Heavy-duty Granulator operation involves a wide range of fields, and Plastic Granulator China account for almost half of the total industrial energy consumption. The granulator must be developed in an efficient and versatile manner. Low energy consumption, low manufacturing cost, high output; multi-function mainly means that the granulator needs to adapt to various complicated operating environments and can be used for granulation of various materials. At the same time, the technological content of the granulator is increased, the efficiency of the machine and the diversified production methods are improved, and the granulator is developed from a single extensive type to a combined intelligent type.

Plastic Granulator

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