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How To Choose The Right Industrial Water Chiller?

Nov. 07, 2018

Heating is one frequent by-product of today's production machines which have the innovative automation technologies necessary for the two high speed operation and higher precision. Components like spindle motors, variable frequency drives, laser and x-ray sources all need cooling system to function correctly and -- most commonly in the exact adverse production environments. In the industrial production process, Industrial Water Chiller is indispensable device.

As each industrial environment is different, Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturer help you select the proper Industrial Water Chiller China for your application:

Step 1: Determine the heat load.

Step 2: Determine the coolant type, temperature & flow rate.

Step 3: Identify installation environment.

Step 4: Use chiller performance curves.

Step 5: Check pump performance curves.

Step 6: Final selection.

Industrial Water Chiller

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