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Aumax AMTC Series Mold Temperature Controller Application

Dec. 27, 2017

Aumax AMTC Series Mold Temperature Controller Application

1. Aumax Mold Temperature Controller adopts P.I.D. temperature control system, so it can provide a stable mold temperature under any working situation. A stable mold temperature is very important to injection molding production. Aumax AMTC mold temperature controller can achieve accuracy ±1, provide a great reliability of thermal balance to injection mold.

2. Aumax mold temperature controllers are mainly used to heat the injection mold and keep the temperature stable. It can save the injection cycle time and ensure a high quality of plastic injection parts. Mold temperature affects surface quality, fluidity, shrinkage, injection cycle and deformation. The high or insufficient temperature of the mold will have different effects on different materials. For thermoplastic material, a higher mold temperature usually improves the surface quality and fluidity, but prolongs the cooling time and injection period. The lower mold temperature will reduce the shrinkage in the mold, but it will increase the shrinkage of the injection molded parts. For thermosetting plastics, a little higher mold temperature will usually reduce the cycle time, and cycle time determined by injection parts cooling time. Additionally, in plastic molding industry, a higher mold temperature can reduce plastisizing time and number of cycles.

3. Mould, AMTC mold temperature controller and heat transfer fluid is the three necessary factors to control mold temperature. In order to provide heat to mold or remove heat from mold, all parts of the system must meet the following conditions: A. Inside mold, the surface area of cooling channel must be large enough, runner diameter should match with pump power and pressure. The cavity temperature affects injection molded parts, so a suitable mold temperature reduce mold inside pressure, improve injection molded parts quality, reduce injection circle time and save production cost. B. Mould temperature controller must keep the heat transfer fluid temperature accuracy at 1℃-3 according to the injection molded parts quality. Aumax AMTC series mold temperature controller can achieve accuracy between ±1, therefore, it can fully meet the mentioned production request. C. The heat transfer fluid must have good heat conduction ability, it must import or export large heat within a short time. Base on thermodynamics, water is obviously better than oil.

4. Aumax mold temperature controller operational principle: The machine consists of water tank, heating system, cooling system, power transmission system, level control system, temperature sensor, charge sprue, etc. Normally, the water pump is power transmission system, it transfer the hot or cool liquid from tank to mold, and then back to tank form mold. Temperature sensor measures the fluid temperature and send signal to control system. Control system adjusts liquid temperature directly and adjusts mold temperature indirectly. During production, if mold temperature is higher than setting value, the control system will open solenoid valve and import cooling water until mold temperature reduce to setting value; if mold temperature is lower than setting value, control system will turn on heating elements and import hot water to mould.

5. Aumax AMTC Series mould temperature controllers have 2 types, including water type mold temperature controller and oil type mold temperature controller. Water type mold temperature controller can achieve mould temperature 120, while oil temperature controller can achieve mould temperature 200.  


6. For oil type mold temperature controller: A. keep machine away from fire. B. Use tapered leakproof pipe connector, temperature resistance and pressure resistance soft or hard pipe. C. Check leakage of connector and mould regularly, check function of control system and temperature sensor regularly. D. Use Synthetic oil which with good thermal stability and low coking tendency. Change oil regularly.


7. Water also can be used as heat transfer liquid; it is more economical, clean and easy operation. If any part leaked, water can be discharged into sewer directly. However, it is also disadvantageous to use water as heat transfer fluid: water is with low boiling point; because of corrosion and scaling, different water increase pressure loss and reduce heat exchange efficiency inside mold. For water type mold temperature controller: A. Pretreatment with corrosion inhibitor to the temperature control loop (pipe system); B. install a filter before water inlet port; C. Clean water type mold temperature and mold with rust remover. 

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