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Selection and Application of Plastic Shredder Blades

Oct. 13, 2020

Plastic shredder blades are the main spare parts of plastic shredders. They play an important role in the disposal of waste plastics, metals, scraps, and crushed raw materials. How to choose plastic shredder blades?


Plastic shredders are divided into single-shaft shredders and multi-shaft shredders. Different shredders use different shape blades. Different types of blades are required for different production situations. Even if a dual-axis blade is selected, the size and material of the machine must be considered. When buying a double-shaft shredder blade, it is necessary to select a specific size according to the specific production conditions. If it is a non-standard size, you can order the blade with the corresponding specification on the market. Under normal circumstances, the blades need to be ordered or purchased in batches. The double-shaft shredder uses multiple blades to cut and crush the material by intersecting the gear shafts.


  Because plastic shredder blades sometimes encounter metal, wood, stone, etc. in industrial production, this makes the double-shaft shredder itself should have better performance. As for the shredder blade, not only should it have impact resistance, its own material should be high hardness and high wear resistance. When selecting the blade of the double-shaft shredder, it must be inspected to make it meet the main blade performance regulations.


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