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Gravimetric Blender / Gravimetric Mixer Machine

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NameGravimetric Blender / Gravimetric Mixer
   Valve (pcs)
Max. Output (Kg/hr)Max. output per batch (Kg)Air Pressur(Bar)Mixing Motor Powe(Kw)Storage Hopper(L)Weighing Hopper(L)Mixing Bin(L)Max. Batch Qty(Batches/hr)

Note: GB2 and GB5 Series are 1φ230V, 50Hz; GB10 and GB25 Series are 3φ380V, 50Hz.

AMGB Series gravimetric blenders are suitable to accurately mix different material based on weight proportion. The gravimetric mixer machine is widely used in plastic injection, extrusion and blowing molding industry. The machine equipped with all digital micro computer with auto-compensation function. It can calibrate automatically to insure mixing precision, easy to operate. The machine fixed with high precision electronic scale to control mixing accuracy at ±0.3%. We have many models for option according to material type and mixing capacity.


1) Well-proportioned mixing through gravity measurement with high precision.
2) Advanced proportioning technology can control and meter each type material weight accurately.
3) Automatic repeat calibration function insures a high accuracy weighing and proportion.
4) The machine can process 2-6 types material at same time in one batch.
5) Detachable design structure, easy to clean and maintenance.
6) Recipes storage function can conserve 56 recipes.
7) Standard base frame is for on-machine installation; optional base frame for on-floor installation is available.

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