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Product Name:

Plastic Pipes & Pallets Granulator

Model No.:

AMG-600P AMG-800P

Product details


NamePlastic Pipe / Pallet / Sheet Granulator / Crusher/ Grinder
Rotor Speedrpm570570
Rotating Bladespcs66
Fixed Bladespcs44
Screen Diameter
Hopper Sizemm260x540260x740
Chamber Sizemm320x600320x800
Blower Conveying & Cyclone System3KW√3KW √

Please excuse for not note if some specifications of products are changed.


1)"√"is standard configuration," O " is optional to purchase.

2)The output capacity depends on the screen diameter, material quality and feeding frequency.

3) The screen mesh diameter can be made according to customers’ request.

4)The running noise depends on varied shredding material.

5)The standard power supply is 3Ø 380V 50Hz. Other power supply is available.


AMG-P Series plastic granulators are specially designed for crushing and recycling of plastic pipes, PVC pipes and fittings, PPR pipe and fittings, PE/PE pipes and fittings, PP/PE solid and hollow plastic profile and sheets, thermoplastic sheets, etc.


Static and dynamic balance test on rotor insure machine working smoothly and reliably.

Blower conveying & cyclone system for fast recycling and packing.

V-shaped cutter structure insures a high cutting efficiency, low power consumption and low heat.

External bearings block fixed outside machine body, keep dust away and low temperature.

Hydraulic system for opening and closing cutting chamber to save manpower.

Separate structure design for cutting chamber and screen room, easy to clean and maintenance.

Safety switch and overload device to protect safety of people and motor.

Fixed with shockproof pad to reduce working vibration and noise.

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