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Cabinet Dryer

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NameCabinet Dryer / Chamber Dryer
Heater PowerKW4.59
Fan PowerKW0.371.5
Max. Temperature250250
Tray Qty.Pcs920
Internal Sizemm880x580x5001000x970x800
External Sizemm1500x780x6501750x1210x950

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1)The actual loading capacity depends on material specific gravity.

2)The standard power supply is 3Ø 380V 50Hz. Other power supply is available.

Cabinet Dryer


The AMD-P series of Cabinet Dryers are suitable to dry different polymers materials simultaneously in small quantity. Before operation, materials to be dried are placed on the moveable l trays which are made of stainless steel. When the machine working, fresh air will flow through the heaters and be heated up to required temperature, then flow through a manifold with evenly scattered holes. Moist air is sent out through air exhaust port. It is designed to achieve a stable drying effect.


P.I.D. temperature controller to achieve an accurate and even drying effect.

Hermetically-sealed adiabatic door can keep temperature constant inside and reduce energy consumption.

Stainless steel tray and liner bring no contamination to material.

Optimal design for easy maintenance and service.

Adjustable air valve at air inlet and outlet so as to adjust wind strength.

Overload protection on motor.

24-hour timer, easy to operate.

Equipped with separate temperature controller and alarm for overheat.

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